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CLEANSE: Velvet Skincare & Make-up Headband

CLEANSE: Velvet Skincare & Make-up Headband

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Introducing the Velvet Skincare & Make-up Headband by Nyrah Beauty – the perfect addition to your beauty ritual that combines style, functionality, and sustainability. This ultra-soft headband not only protects your hairline but also elevates your skincare and makeup application experience.

Who is it for?

The Velvet Skincare & Make-up Headband by Nyrah Beauty is perfect for skincare enthusiasts seeking a stylish and sustainable solution to protect hair during skincare and makeup application.

How does it work?

The velvet headband works by providing a soft and protective barrier, keeping hair in place to prevent interference during skincare and makeup application, ensuring a clean and seamless beauty experience.

Key Features and Benefits

Soft, Pretty, and Protective: With luxurious black velvet, this headband is not just a stylish accessory but a functional necessity. The plush fabric ensures a gentle touch on your skin while keeping your hair away from your face, making it ideal for your weekly facial scrubs, masks, or flawless makeup application. Say goodbye to stray hair and messy tresses during your beauty routine.

Reduce Skincare Residue: Say goodbye to the woes of oil and product residue in your hair! The Velvet headband acts as a barrier, preventing skincare products from seeping into your hair while you pamper your skin. Keep your locks clean and pristine, adding a touch of sophistication to your Nyrah Beauty experience.

Fully Functional, Always Fabulous: Designed with your convenience in mind, the headband features a smooth  fastening for easy wear and removal. It's machine-washable for a quick and hassle-free clean. Enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality in one elegant accessory.


1 x Black Velvet Skincare & Makeup Headband


  1. Place: Slip the velvet headband over your head, ensuring it comfortably rests on your hairline.
  2. Secure: Adjust the headband to fit snugly, keeping hair away from your face.
  3. Enjoy: Use during your skincare routine, makeup application, or sunless tanning to prevent product transfer to your hair.
  4. Revel: Embrace a clean, hassle-free beauty experience with the soft and stylish touch of Nyrah Beauty.

Important Warning

Keep headband away from open flames, this is not a toy.

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