Shipping policy


Ordering Goods

When you place an order you will receive a confirmation email. Once your order has been dispatched we will also advise you of this by email. If we have any queries on your order, we will contact you via the phone number or email address that you provided when placing your order.

All products are subject to availability. The inclusion of a product on the website is an invitation for you to purchase, and not an offer to sell that product to you. An offer is made when you place the order.

If any items that you order are out of stock, subject to a delay or if the price is higher than that shown on your order, we will try to contact you at the email address or phone number you provided when placing your order. If we cannot contact you or receive no response to our message, we will continue to process any remaining products on your order. We will not supply a replacement product without your authorization. If you would like to cancel your order, please see below.

Cancel Your Order

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. We try to process orders immediately, so we may not be able to prevent an order from being dispatched. If your order has already been dispatched it cannot be cancelled, however you may return the items to us in accordance with our Returns Policy.

As soon as we receive notice of your cancellation of an item we will refund the purchase price for that item if it has not been dispatched, together with the item’s shipping charge if applicable.