Nyrah [ny – ra]

OUR VISION: Nyrah empowers women to have a voice and be heard.  We want to build a community which supports everyone to feel, look and live well.

OUR MISSION: We are Product Creators who hear what women want.  We use our knowledge and expertise to create products for women which deliver results helping them to feel happy in their skin.

THE NYRAH STORY: Working in cosmetic development and manufacturing
Louise & Lorraine have developed and produced hundreds of products for sale

With Louise coming from a Beauty & Skincare background and Lorraine coming from a Technical Research & Development background they understand what works to give women the healthiest skin possible. They recognise that the skin of a woman holds many laughs, tears, hopes and dreams.  Nyrah is results driven skincare rooted in nature which harnesses the power of science.

The Nyrah Beauty range includes multi-purpose skincare heroes that will cleanse, treat and hydrate your skin, day and night.


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